1.1 - Editing or Cloning a Rule - Teradata Analytic Apps - Vantage Analyst

Vantage Analyst with Machine Learning Engine User Guide

Teradata Analytic Apps
Vantage Analyst
Release Number
December 2019
English (United States)
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Changing a rule affects the results of all workflows that use the updated object.

  1. Do one the following:
    Option Action
    Edit a rule
    1. Select "" > Data preparation > Rules.
    2. Select "" > Edit.
    Clone an existing rule
    1. Select "" > Data preparation > Rules.
    2. Select "" > Clone.
  2. Do any of the following:
    Option Action
    Update source information
    1. Click Sources.
    2. Update the Database and list of tables by selecting tables from the Table list.

      Click "" to delete a table.

    Update join information
    1. Click Joins.
    2. Click the join symbol connecting two tables to open the Edit Join dialog.
    3. Select a different join option and click SAVE JOIN.

      To delete a join, click DELETE, then DELETE again to confirm the deletion.

    Update a map column See Updating a Destination Table.
    Update an output table See Creating or Editing Output Parameters for a Select Rule.
    Update a filter See Filtering Output.
    Update variable or formula information See Viewing the Rule Summary.
  3. Click SAVE.