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Vantage Customer Experience Path Analysis Tutorial

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June 2022
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Here, we'll build a new event path using the extended Events table. This process is similar to how you created and reviewed the customer path, earlier.

  1. Select "" > Analytical segments.
  2. Select Create New.
  3. Define the path parameters.
    Parameter Description
    Path count Enter 100 to display the top 100 pattern-matching paths.

    Select the Tutorial Extended Dataset dataset that you created earlier.

    Events pattern Select Cancel Service for Ending pattern.
    Filter events Select Use all events.
    Filter attributes Select Add a filter, then on the Create attribute filter tab, select:
    • Column: age
    • Filter type: Less than
    • Value: 25

    Select Save. This allows us to include only customers who are younger than 25 years old..

    Session On the Field tab, select
    • Session column: datestamp
    On the Value tab select:
    • Date column: datestamp
    • Length: 5
    • Unit: Days
    This allows us to group customer events together when there are five or fewer days between the events.
  4. Leave the other fields as their defaults, and select Run.
Vantage CX generates a path diagram of the events for customers with the selected attributes:
Notice how this diagram differs from the earlier path analysis. You can create additional filters based on:
  • Customer's region
  • Voice usage
  • Data usage
  • SMS usage

You can create new segments for specific customers based on the selected path. See Creating an Analytical Segment for more information.