15.10 - System Requirements - Teradata Database

Teradata Database SQL Geospatial Types

Teradata Database
Programming Reference

Before you can use geospatial types or the data loading and unloading tools that Teradata provides, your system must meet certain requirements.


IF you want to use the …

THEN you must …

ST_Geometry, MBR, and MBB data types

have a C or C++ compiler on a Teradata node prior to running the Database Initialization Program (DIP) during installation.

execute the DIPGEOS script file to create the Teradata Database infrastructure to support geospatial data.

The DIPGEOS script is normally run automatically as part of executing the DIPALL script of the DIP utility during system installation. For more information on the DIP utility, see Utilities.

TDGeoImport data loading tool and the TDGeoExport data unloading tool

have a Teradata Driver for the JDBC Interface on the Windows or Linux client system on which you run TDGeoImport and TDGeoExport.

For more information on the Teradata Driver for the JDBC Interface, see Teradata JDBC Driver User Guide.

download the TDGeoImport and TDGeoExport tools and the TDOGR and GEOS dynamic linked libraries.

The TDGeoImport and TDGeoExport tools are available from Teradata Developer Exchange (developer.teradata.com/).