15.10 - ST_SymDifference - Teradata Database

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Returns an ST_Geometry value that represents the point set symmetric difference of two ST_Geometry values.


Argument …

Specifies …


the other ST_Geometry value.

The type that the ST_Geometry return type represents is one from the possible set of types in the following table, depending on the parameter types.


Teradata Database converts GeoSequence types that are involved in the ST_SymDifference method to ST_LineString values. Therefore, ST_SymDifference never returns a GeoSequence type.

All ST_Geometry types except geometry collections.

Note: This method can be called on 3D geometries (those that include z coordinates). However, the z coordinate is ignored in method calculations. Consequently, any z coordinates returned by this method should be ignored. Teradata recommends using the Make_2D method to strip out the z coordinates of the return value.

   SELECT shape.ST_SymDifference(
      NEW ST_Geometry('LINESTRING(2 2, 3 2, 4 1)'))
   FROM sample_shapes
   WHERE skey = 1067;