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July 2021
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Customer Data Space (CDS) Tools let you examine data space consumption at the object, database, and system level. The tools report the logical size of your data in its uncompressed form. Customer Data Space tools consist of a set of SystemFE macros and a new Data Dictionary view.


  • Determining current data space consumption can help determine trends and future space requirements.
  • Eliminates the need for laborious manual space accounting calculations to find object sizes and estimated compression ratios for block-level compressed data.
  • You can provide a list of tables to exclude from the CDS calculations, and use the tools to manage and view the list.
  • Most of the macros are available in two versions, one for Teradata session mode and one for ANSI mode. Some have a single version that can be used for both session modes.
  • CDS macros are installed automatically.


  • Reported space consumption does not include fallback data.
  • You must have the EXECUTE privilege on the macros.
  • You must grant the SystemFE user STATISTICS and SELECT ACCESS privileges in order to use the CollectSummaryStats option of CDS_Database or CDS_System macros. This option samples the largest tables in the database or system, and can give more accurate space estimates.

SQL Changes

New SystemFE macros:
  • SystemFE.CDS_Object


  • SystemFE.CDS_Database


  • SystemFE.CDS_System


  • SystemFE.CDS_ViewPercentData - for both Teradata and ANSI session modes.
  • SystemFE.CDS_ModifyPercentData - for both Teradata and ANSI session modes.
  • SystemFE.CDS_ViewExclusions


  • SystemFE.CDS_AddExclusion


  • SystemFE.CDS_RemoveExclusion


  • SystemFE.CDS_LogicalTableSizeEstimate


  • SystemFE.CDS_PhysicalTableSizeEstimate


New Data Dictionary view:
  • DBC.CDSTableSizeV

Additional Information

For more information, see Teradata Vantage™ - SystemFE Macros, B035-1103 and Teradata Vantage™ - Data Dictionary, B035-1092.