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July 2021
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NOS enhancements for 17.10 are:

  • SQL Syntax
    • Introduced new system-level authorization object security model.
    • Reduced minimal DDL syntax used for defining the NOS foreign table schemas.
    • Reduced minimal DQL statements used for performing queries.
  • Schema Discovery
    • Removed manual and error prone schema discovery activities.
    • Automated the discovery of file data formats, field delimiter, column names, column data types and sizes, and object store path definition.
  • Error Diagnostics
    • Expanded definitions providing more insight into error and warning messages.
    • Expanded the Error Table framework to NOS foreign tables.
  • Performance
    • Simplified CSV processing aligned with Parquet level performance.
    • Reduced spool used for processing queries.
    • Improved path filtering performance.
    • Optimized TOP N query processing.
  • READ_NOS now supports Parquet data in addition to CSV and JSON.


  • Provides simpler SQL syntax for reading and writing of data living on object storage.
  • Reduces the level of familiarity with the data living on object storage and accelerates data exploration.
  • Provides better diagnostics capabilities when errors are encountered.
  • Provides overall performance improvements.

SQL Changes

  • RETURNTYPE for READ_NOS has an additional argument, NOSREAD_SCHEMA. NOSREAD_SCHEMA returns the schema from sampling the first 16MB of data from the latest timestamp file from the LOCATION URL.
  • The CREATE AUTHORIZATION syntax is updated with a USING clause to allow Azure Key Vault authentication.

Additional Information

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