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July 2021
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The TD_JSONSHRED table operator allows you to shred data contents of an array in a JSON document into columns of a Teradata Vantage database table.


  • TD_JSONSHRED can be significantly faster at shredding data than the JSON_TABLE table operator.
  • The JSON document is input to TD_JSONSHRED as the contents of a table column. The column can be of data type JSON, CLOB, or VARCHAR.
  • You can specify the data type for the shredded output data columns, which can include CLOB data.
  • The output table can include additional columns (not JSON data) from the input table. These columns are passed through to the output table unchanged.
  • String matching for identifying JSON objects to shred in the JSON document can optionally be case-insensitive.


  • You must use nested calls to TD_JSONSHRED to shred the contents of nested arrays in the original JSON document.
  • TD_JSONSHRED does not support JSONPath expressions.
  • TD_JSONSHRED does not support as many output data types as the JSON_TABLE table operator.

SQL Changes

  • New TD_JSONSHRED table operator.

Additional Information

For more information about TD_JSONSHRED, see Teradata Vantageā„¢ - JSON Data Type, B035-1150.