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Workload Pre-Migration User Guide

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January 2016
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In SLES 11, you can modify resources allocated to workloads using the SLG Tiers workload management method.
  1. Edit or create a ruleset.
  2. From the ruleset toolbar, click Workloads.
    If you are creating a ruleset, at least one of the workloads in the ruleset must be set to use the SLG tier workload management method.
  3. Click the Workload Distribution tab.
  4. In the SLG Tiers section, click next to the tier name. The Workload Resource Allocation dialog box appears. The editable options in this dialog box are the following:
    Option Description
    Tier allocation Enter an allocation percent for each workload.
    [Optional] Hard limits

    (Teradata Database 14.10 and later)

    1. Click next to the workload.
    2. Select the Enable Hard Limit check box.

      The field is already populated with the % of System value, but this can be modified.

    3. Enter a number for the hard limit.
    It is recommended that hard limits be set no lower than 3% if only a single workload has a limit or no lower than 5% if multiple workloads have limits.
    [Optional] SLG expedite

    (Teradata Database 14.10 and later)

    1. Click next to the Tier 1 workload.
    2. Select the Enable SLG Expedite check box.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Save.