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Workload Pre-Migration User Guide

Teradata Database
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January 2016
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As a first step in reviewing and, if necessary, adjusting rule set and workload migration settings, connect to the corresponding Teradata Database as user tdwm.
A local mode is not available.
  1. From the Pre-Migration Tool menu bar, click File > Connect The Connect to Teradata Database dialog box appears.
  2. Specify database and credential information:
    1. At System (DBS) Name, type or select the name of the Teradata Database.
    2. At Password, type the password associated with user tdwm.
      Because you must connect to the database as user tdwm, the User Name box is pre-populated with this value, which cannot be edited. Likewise, the Session Character Set is static.
  3. [Optional] Click More, and specify the following:
    1. From the Authentication Mechanism list, select the applicable option.
    2. At Authentication Parameter, type the appropriate authentication parameter for the selected authentication mechanism.
    3. If applicable, select the appropriate option from Account String.
  4. Click OK. A message prompts for indication of TASM licensing status.
  5. Indicate whether your SLES 11 system is (Yes) or is not (No) licensed for TASM.
    TASM licensing is not available for appliance systems and is optional for other systems. Without TASM licensing, systems default to IWM licensing. The workload-management options available with IWM licensing represent a subset of the options available with full TASM licensing. For example, only one virtual partition can be created, and SLG tiers are not available with IWM licensing.
    You can begin the process of reviewing and refining workload conversion settings by completing the procedure for selecting the rule sets containing the workloads.