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Workload Pre-Migration User Guide

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January 2016
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Without manual intervention before upgrading to SLES 11, each SLG workload is allocated 5% of tier resources, for each planned environment. If necessary, use the Pre-Migration Tool to change this value before upgrading. To do so, perform the outlined steps for each applicable SLG workload and each applicable environment.
SLG tiers are available only with TASM licensing.
  1. On the Workload Methods Setting page, under Planned Environment, select the operating period to which the allocation percentage you are setting applies.
  2. For the SLG workload to which you want to assign a different allocation percentage, type the preferred value in the Access Level/Share box in the same row.
    After upgrading to SLES 11 and monitoring the outcome of your original settings, you can adjust SLG workload allocation percentages as necessary using the Workload Designer portlet in Teradata Viewpoint. Before doing so, however, consider that the SLG tier should be reserved for highly critical workloads that consume few resources. If some workloads that you have associated with the SLG tier are less critical to the business than others, consider moving those workloads to the Top access level of the Timeshare tier.
  3. Click Apply.