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Workload Pre-Migration User Guide

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January 2016
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If you have an in-depth understanding of PD set configuration, you may want to use the Pre-Migration Tool to refine the otherwise automatic results of migrating priority-scheduling settings when upgrading a PSF-licensed SLES 10 system to SLES 11.

The Pre-Migration Tool processes workloads based on rule sets. Because they are not used in PSF systems, you must create rule sets from PD sets if you want to use the tool. The resulting rule sets contain workloads based on the allocation groups in PD sets.
You must create rule sets from PD sets while still running Teradata Database version 13.0 or earlier.

Before creating rule sets, verify that your PD sets are configured in a manner that best meets your priority-scheduling goals.

For detailed information on the components and configuration of PD sets, see Teradata Manager User Guide (B035-2428) and Utilities, Volume 2, L - Z (B035-1102). For detailed information on creating rule sets from PD sets, including mapping considerations, see Teradata Workload Analyzer User Guide (B035-2514). Additional related information can be found in the following Orange Books:

  • Using Teradata‚Äôs Priority Scheduler, 541-0004940-A02
  • Teradata Workload Analyzer, A Teradata Active System Management Component, Best practices and Recommendations, 541-0006735-A02
  • Teradata Active System Management, Usage Considerations & Best Practices, 541-0004755-A01

The Pre-Migration Tool provides direct access to the Teradata utilities used to verify PD set configuration and create rule sets from PD sets.