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June 2017
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Function of AnalysisStmts

Supports combined use of the CHECKPOINT and TIMELIMIT options for the INITIATE INDEX ANALYSIS and RESTART INDEX ANALYSIS statements, particularly in the context of submitting an INITIATE INDEX ANALYSIS request that is halted for some reason, followed by one or more RESTART INDEX ANALYSIS requests.

The table provides the following information to support generating index recommendations in this scenario:

  • Identifies a group of logically related INITIATE INDEX ANALYSIS and RESTART INDEX ANALYSIS requests performed as a related sequence.
  • Provides the sequence number for a given RESTART INDEX ANALYSIS request within the group.
  • Provides the SQL text for the INITIATE INDEX ANALYSIS or RESTART INDEX ANALYSIS request used to produce a given set of index recommendations.

AnalysisStmts Table Definition

The following CREATE TABLE request defines the AnalysisStmts table:

                                         NO AFTER JOURNAL,
                                         DEFAULT MERGEBLOCKRATIO(
       WorkLoadID       INTEGER NOT NULL,
       IndexNameTag     VARCHAR(128) CHARACTER SET UNICODE
                        NOT CASESPECIFIC NOT NULL,
       RecommendationID INTEGER NOT NULL,
       IASeqNumber      INTEGER NOT NULL,        TimeOfAnalysis   TIMESTAMP(6) NOT NULL,
       IAStmtText       VARCHAR(20000) CHARACTER SET UNICODE
                        NOT CASESPECIFIC)
     PRIMARY INDEX (WorkLoadID);

Attribute Definitions for AnalysisStmts

The following table defines the AnalysisStmts table attributes.

Attribute Definition
  • Uniquely identifies the workload.
  • NUPI for the table.
IndexNameTag User-specified name for the index analysis.
RecommendationID Uniquely identifies a set of index recommendations.
IASeqNumber System-assigned sequence number for this index analysis.
TimeOfAnalysis The timestamp of this index analysis
IAStmtText The SQL text for the request being analyzed.

AnalysisStmts Related Topics

See the following topics for further information related to the AnalysisStmts table.

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