16.10 - Revision History - Teradata Database

Teradata Database SQL Request and Transaction Processing

Teradata Database
June 2017
Programming Reference
User Guide
Date Release Description
June 2017 16.10
  • Described new IN-list rewrite processing in Query Rewrite chapter.
  • Updated EXPLAIN phrases to account for new Teradata Database MAPS Architecture.
  • Corrected minor problems with several EXPLAIN phrases.
  • Rewrote Incremental Planning and Execution section of Query Rewrite chapter.
  • Updated discussion of interval histograms in Query Rewrite chapter.
December 2016 16.00
  • Added information about AllRowsOneAMP in-memory hash joins.
  • Added more possible values StepKind attribute of QuerySteps table of Query Capture Facility: CJ, EF, IF, MR, and US.
  • Noted multistatement requests cannot include CALL statements.
  • The QCD QuerySteps table displays a new Multisrc StepAttributeType value. A value of T indicates step listed is a combination of several same-type JOIN, SUM, or RET steps from multiple sources that have been combined as a single-step optimization.
  • Removed most of detailed information on special-use HUT locks. For more information about them, see Teradata Archive/Recovery Utility Reference.