15.10 - BYTEINT Data Type - Teradata Database

Teradata Database SQL Data Types and Literals

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Represents a signed binary integer value in the range ‑128 to 127.



Syntax element …

Specifies …


appropriate data type attributes, column storage attributes, or column constraint attributes.

See “Core Data Type Attributes” on page 17 and “Storage and Constraint Attributes” on page 18 for specific information.

BYTEINT is a Teradata extension to the ANSI SQL:2011 standard.

BYTEINT is stored as one byte.

The following table lists the client representations for the BYTEINT data type.

Determining the application definitions and client data types is the responsibility of the application programmer.


Client CPU Architecture

Client Representation

IBM mainframe

One byte 8-bit signed 2’s complement binary number.

  • UTS
  • RISC
  • Motorola 68000
  • WE 32000
  • Intel
  • One byte 8-bit signed 2’s complement binary number.

    BYTEINT format is described in “Data Type Default Formats” on page 281.

    In the following table definition, column EdLev is a BYTEINT data type:

    CREATE TABLE Education
      (Id CHAR(9)
      ,LastName CHAR(26)
      ,EdLev BYTEINT FORMAT 'Z9' 
       CHECK (EdLev BETWEEN 0 AND 22) NOT NULL);