15.10 - Viewing the Candidate Workload Report - Teradata Workload Analyzer

Teradata Workload Analyzer User Guide

Teradata Workload Analyzer
User Guide

The Candidate Workload Report contains classification criteria, service level goals and other important information about candidate workloads.

1 After connecting to the TDWM database, select Analysis > New Workload Recommendations.

The Define DBQL Inputs dialog box appears.

2 Complete the parameters as described in “Defining DBQL Inputs” on page 50.

3 After specifying the options, click OK.

Teradata WA queries the DBQL. This query may take several minutes.

The Candidate Workload Report window appears.

To change information displayed in the summary, use the Attributes or SLG Graph options as appropriate; these are in the left pane of the Teradata WA user interface.

Note: For detailed information on the Workload Report options, see “Viewing Workloads Using the Candidate Workload Report” on page 54.