15.10 - Splitting and Merging Workloads for Analysis - Teradata Workload Analyzer

Teradata Workload Analyzer User Guide

Teradata Workload Analyzer
User Guide

Teradata WA workload classifications can be further customized by merging or splitting workloads. The splitting and merging workload process is DBA-driven. Two or more workloads can be merged into one workload. One workload can be split up into several workloads. The service level goals for the resulting new workloads are recalculated and modified.

For example, when two or more workloads require less system resources, but the workloads are still needed for the active system period, these workloads can be merged into one workload and set with different service level goals.

When a workload is consuming too many resources or is not meeting service level goals, the workload can be split into one or more workloads and assigned different service level goals.