16.10 - Add Hard Limits to a Workload - Teradata Workload Management

Teradata Database Workload Management User Guide

Teradata Workload Management
June 2017
User Guide

You can, optionally, apply hard limits to SLG tier workloads. A hard limit is a percentage of system resources (CPU and I/O) that the workload can consume. This limit is independent from the share of tier resources the workload has. You cannot apply hard limits to Tactical or Timeshare tier workloads.

The system enforces workload hard limits exactly as you define them in the Workload Designer portlet. You do not need to multiply a workload hard limit by the workload management capacity on demand (WM COD) percent, unlike virtual partition hard limits that do factor in the WM COD system limit. This makes it easy to monitor any workload with a hard limit.

If both virtual partition and workload hard limits exist, each is enforced independently. However, the workload hard limit is not enforced if that workload is under a virtual partition with a fixed allocation that is less than the workload hard limit.

Use hard limits with caution. Overuse of hard limits can cause system resources to be unused.