16.10 - Working with Rulesets - Teradata Workload Management

Teradata Database Workload Management User Guide

Teradata Workload Management
June 2017
User Guide
Use the following Workload Designer portlet features to manage rulesets. The Teradata Viewpoint administrator can grant your role the Edit Rulesets privilege, which is required to complete all of the following actions except lock and unlock a ruleset.
Workload Designer Feature Description
Create a new ruleset You can create multiple rulesets, but only one ruleset is active on Teradata Database at a time. After creating a ruleset, use the toolbar to specify settings, such as states, sessions, and workloads. A new ruleset is automatically locked so only the owner can edit it.
Edit a ruleset You can edit rulesets only in the Working section.
Clone a ruleset Makes an exact copy of the ruleset, except for the name. Cloning is a convenient way to create a ruleset using an existing ruleset as a basis.
Make a ruleset ready Send an inactive ruleset from Viewpoint to Teradata Database.
Make a ruleset active Activate the ruleset on Teradata Database.
Delete a ruleset Removes the ruleset and all associated information.
Import and export a ruleset Copies a ruleset from one Viewpoint system to another. You can import only rulesets exported from the Workload Designer portlet and a database of the same release.
Lock and unlock a ruleset Locks a ruleset to prevent others from changing it. Only the lock owner or a user with permission to unlock any ruleset can unlock a ruleset.

For more information, see Teradata Viewpoint User Guide, B035-2206.