16.10 - Considerations for Rulesets - Teradata Workload Management

Teradata Database Workload Management User Guide

Teradata Workload Management
June 2017
User Guide

For normal operating procedures, Teradata recommends that sites rely on a single ruleset. However, you can create varied states to define how TASM allocates resources during different times of the day, different days of the month, or when external conditions or system-wide events degrade system performance. Moving from one state to another, due to planned or unplanned circumstances, results in an automatic change in the workload management settings. Only one state in one ruleset can be in effect at a time. For more information on states, see States and Events Overview.

Within a ruleset, each rule (specifically, session control, filter, system throttle, or Workload Definition) is divided into fixed attributes and working values. Fixed attributes do not change when the system state changes; however, working values for a rule can change to meet the needs of a particular state or planned environment.