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Teradata® DSA - DSE for Veritas NetBackup Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide

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September 2020
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A NetBackup policy defines the backup criteria for a specific group of one or more clients and is required for any scheduled job.

To use Teradata DSA, define at least one Teradata policy. A configuration can have a single policy that includes all clients or there can be many policies, some of which include only one client. For DSA, the standard and recommended setup is to assign one NetBackup policy per device or file target.

Policy Requirements

When creating a policy, specify the following:
  • Storage unit and media to use
  • Policy Type as Teradata
  • Backup schedule
  • Script files to run on the clients
  • Clients to back up

In addition to the attributes described here, there are other policy attributes to consider. Refer to the NetBackup System Administrator’s Guide for detailed configuration instructions and information on all available attributes.