15.10 - Purpose - Teradata OLAP Connector

Teradata OLAP Connector Release Definition

Teradata OLAP Connector
June 2015
Release Notes

Teradata OLAP Connector Release Definition, Release 15.10 provides an overview of Teradata OLAP Connector, a client-side OLE-DB for OLAP (ODBO) interface and multidimensional expression (MDX) engine that allows direct access to Teradata from OLAP clients.

As a part of the Teradata OLAP Portfolio, Teradata OLAP Connector can work in conjunction with these other Teradata BI Tools:

  • Teradata Aggregate Designer, which recommends Aggregate Join Indexes (AJIs) and allows users to design and customize AJIs.
  • Teradata Schema Workbench, which allows OLAP DBAs to specify and manage multidimensional models for BI client applications.
  • Teradata OLAP Server, which provides a service interface that allows access to Teradata from XML for Analysis (XMLA) clients.

    This document contains important information received late in the release and not included in other documentation associated with this release. This document also contains the following information:

    • Supported Teradata Database versions
    • Product release version
    • Installation information
    • Documentation that supports this release
    • Training and support centers