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Create a Custom Syntax File

To create a custom syntax file

1 Open a text editor such as Notepad or Microsoft Word.

2 Create a header line at the start of the file. This header can be any word(s). In the examples shown in the figures below, it is Reports.

This header displays in the Query Builder dialog box as the text on the third line in the drop-down list.

3 Ensure the remaining lines in this file contain pairs of strings, each enclosed in double quotes and separated by a comma. The first string is the statement type, the second is the statement itself.

4 Select Save As and name the file custom.syn.

5 Put this file in the bin subdirectory of the Teradata Administrator installation directory. By default, the location is: c:\Program Files\Teradata\Teradata Administrator 15.00\bin.

The following is an example of the custom.syn file:

The following is an example of how those statements appear when using Query Builder: