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Teradata Administrator
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Teradata Administrator provides a comprehensive Windows-based graphical interface to the Teradata Database Data Dictionary for performing a multitude of database administration tasks on the Teradata Database.

The following functions can be performed:

  • Create, Modify and Drop Databases, Users, Roles, Profiles, and User-Defined Types.
  • Create Tables (using ANSI or Teradata syntax)
  • Grant or Revoke access and system rights
  • Copy Table, View or Macro definitions to another database, or to another system
  • Drop or Rename Tables, Views or Macros
  • Move space from one database to another
  • Run an SQL query
  • Display information about a Database or Users
  • Display information about a Table, View or Macro
  • Set up the rules for Query and Access Logging
  • Teradata Administrator keeps a record of all the actions that are taken and can optionally save this record to a file. This record contains a time stamp together with the SQL that is executed, and other information such as the statement's success or failure.