15.00 - Restart and Recovery - Parallel Data Pump

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Restart and Recovery

This section explains Teradata TPump’s handling of restart and recovery operations in the event of a system failure.

The Teradata TPump facility includes a number of features that enable recovery from client or Teradata Database failure, with minimal requirements for job resubmission or continuation. Upon restart or resubmission, Teradata TPump interrogates the restart log table on Teradata Database and resumes operations from where it had left off.

Beginning with Teradata Tools and Utilities 14.00, there is a data signature included in checkpoint information. That data signature is validated during a restart and may result in new errors at the beginning of a restart.


Do not tamper with the contents of the restart log table. A missing or altered restart log table will cause the Teradata TPump job to be recovered incorrectly.