15.00 - Logoff/Disconnect Messages - Parallel Data Pump

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Parallel Data Pump
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Logoff/Disconnect Messages

In response to the LOGOFF command, Teradata TPump completes the step by disconnecting active sessions and reporting on total run statistics. The logtable is either dropped or kept, depending on the success or failure of the previous activity.

When a Teradata TPump session is logged off, the following status messages are written to the SYSPRINT/stdout (or the redirected stdout) data destination, or to the destination specified in the ROUTE command.

**** 01:57:45 UTY6216 The restart log table has been dropped.**** 
**** 01:57:45 UTY6212 A successful disconnect was made from the RDBMS.
**** 01:57:45 UTY2410 Total processor time used = '0.270389 Seconds'****
     . Start : 01:33:23 - TUE FEB 11, 2014
     . End : 01:33:58 - TUE FEB 11, 2014
     . Highest return code encountered = '0'.