15.00 - Teradata TPump Performance Checklist - Parallel Data Pump

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Parallel Data Pump
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Teradata TPump Performance Checklist

The following checklist helps to isolate and analyze Teradata TPump performance problems and their causes.

  • Monitor the Teradata TPump job using the Monitor macros. Determine whether the job is making progress.
  • Check for locks using the Teradata Database Showlocks utility. Transaction locks can be detected by checking for blocked Teradata utilities that use the performance monitor feature of Teradata Database (Teradata Manager).
  • Check table DBC.Resusage for problem areas (for example, data bus capacity or CPU capacity at 100% for one or more processors).
  • Avoid large error tables, if possible, because error processing is generally expensive.
  • Verify that the primary index is unique. Nonunique primary indexes can cause severe Teradata TPump performance problems.