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Compiling and Linking a C INMOD on IBM OS z/OS

Use the following syntax from the USS environment to compile and link source files to a DLL:

Note: Be sure to compile the INMOD and notify exit routines in 32‑bit mode so that they are compatible with Teradata TPump.



Syntax Element



Name of the executable load module that is produced during the linkedit phase. In the following example, a load module INMOD is placed in a z/OS PDSE named PDSE.LOAD, and the source code, INMOD, is compiled as a member of a z/OS PDSE named TEST.C:

cc o "//PDSE.LOAD(INMOD)" "//TEST.C(INMOD)" W c,dll,expo W l,dll

Member names are limited to eight characters.

W c,dll,expo

Options passed to the compiler phase to indicate that the source is to be compiled as a dll with all functions exported.

W l,dll

Options passed to the linkedit phase to indicate that the module is linked as a dll.