15.00 - Preparing the INMOD Program - Parallel Data Pump

Teradata Parallel Data Pump Reference

Parallel Data Pump
Programming Reference

Preparing the INMOD Program

This section describes the protocol used between Teradata TPump and an INMOD written for Teradata TPump. The protocols are applicable to all client platforms running Teradata TPump. Considerations applicable exclusively to UNIX system‑based clients are contained in “Programming INMODs for UNIX System‑Based Clients” on page 230.

On entry to an INMOD user exit routine for Teradata TPump, the conventional parameter register points to a parameter list of two 32‑bit addresses. The first 32‑bit address points to a data structure containing the following fields:

  • Return Code/Function Code, 4‑byte integer.
  • Length, 4‑byte integer, Length of the data record.
  • Data Record, Input data record buffer. The maximum length is:
  • 62K or 63,488 bytes for Teradata Database