03.00.00 - The node.IT.properties.json File - Teradata Database on VMware

Teradata Database on VMware Developer Tier Getting Started Guide

Teradata Database on VMware
June 2017

The node.IT.properties.json file contains the specifications needed by the deployment executable file to install and configure a Teradata Database or Teradata Viewpoint VM.

Set the values in the node.IT.properties.json file for each Teradata Database on VMware deployment.

Unless otherwise indicated, all property settings are required.

Property Category Properties Description
VMware Host Details ESXiHost Name of the VMware host. For example: ESXiHost:esxhost01.corp.company.com
ESXi Datastore OS_Datastore ESXi datastore where this VM instance will reside. For example: esxhost01.datastore

This datastore is only used for the VM instances and for Teradata Database storage.

VM Name vmName Name of the Teradata Database, Teradata Viewpoint, and DSC.
  • vmName:TD-DBS
  • vmName:TD-VP
  • vmName:TD-DSC
Ethernet Network eth0 Use only static IP4 addresses. If IPAddressSetting is dhcp, eth0 is not required.
VM Types to Deploy vmType Virtual machine type of the Teradata Database and Teradata Viewpoint image to deploy. For example:
  • vmType:tpa for a database VM
  • vmType:vp for a Viewpoint VM
  • vmType:dsu for DSC VM

vmType is required.

Template File Path Template Windows file path to the template locations in vCenter or your local system for Teradata Database, DSC, and Teradata Viewpoint.
Following are examples of deploying a Viewpoint template to vCenter or your local system using either an absolute path or relative path:
  • vCenter deployment (notice there is no .ova extension):


  • Local deployment using absolute path:


  • Local deployment using relative path:


The download file names listed above are appended with 14 numbers representing when the template was created by Teradata: the year (4 digits), month (2 digits), day (2 digits), hours (2 digits), minutes (2 digits), and seconds (2 digits).

Following is an example of deploying a Viewpoint virtual machine from your local machine using an absolute path:
   "ESXiHost":  "cs3097-05.labs.teradata.com",
   "Datastore":  "cs3097-05.datastore",
   "vmName":  "cobra26",
   "eth0":  "",
   "vmType":  "vp",
   "Template":  "C:\Templates\Teradata_Viewpoint_16.00.00_SLES11_SP3_on_VMware_20160707235215.ova"