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July 2021
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English (United States)
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July 2021 With this release, Teradata session mode macros are created in DIPPOST and ANSI session mode macros are created in DIPANSI. See macro descriptions in SystemFE Macros Description.
June 2020 Added the Customer Data Space (CDS) Tools, macros that return the data space used in terabytes by tables, databases, and the system. The macros also let you exclude certain tables from the calculations and view the list of excluded tables. The following macros are added:
  • CDS_AddExclusion/CDS_AddExclusion_ANSI
  • CDS_Database/CDS_Database_ANSI
  • CDS_LogicalTableSizeEstimate/CDS_LogicalTableSizeEstimate_ANSI
  • CDS_ModifyPercentData/CDS_ModifyPercentData_ANSI
  • CDS_Object/CDS_Object_ANSI
  • CDS_PhysicalTableSizeEstimate/CDS_PhysicalTableSizeEstimate_ANSI
  • CDS_RemoveExclusion/CDS_RemoveExclusions_ANSI
  • CDS_System/CDS_System_ANSI
  • CDS_ViewExclusions/CDS_ViewExclusions_ANSI
  • CDS_ViewPercentData/CDS_ViewPercentData_ANSI