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July 2021
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The BynetEvents macro returns all messages based on event codes:
  • 033-11100-00 to 033-11121-00 (TDN messages)
  • 033-12900-00 to 033-12999-00 (BNS messages)
  • 033-13000-00 to 033-13021-00 (CFG messages)
  • And, for any event from any series that contains the string "bynet"

For a complete description of these events, see “Parallel Database Extensions (PDE) Messages” Teradata Vantage™ - Database Messages, B035-1096.

If you want to examine more information than the macro displays by default, run a SELECT query on the DBC.SW_Event_Log table by providing the necessary criteria and targeting against the field “TEXT.” Here is an example of the SELECT query:

select * from dbc.Software_Event_Log
where Text like ’%restart%’
order by thedate, thetime

This causes the system to display all the available information for the events rather than a truncated version. In most cases, the latter version is sufficient to understand the nature of the problem.

Informational messages (that is, those requiring no action) are recorded to the DBC.Software_Event_Log view when one of the following occurs:
  • A TPA restart occurs
  • The BYNET initiates a TPA restart

When multiple messages are recorded over a very short time period, a BYNET event might have occurred forcing a node offline. If a node has been forced offline by the BYNET, you might need a Teradata field engineer to resolve the BYNET event.