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Supplies parameters to the LOGMECH command beyond those needed by the logon mechanism, such as user ID and password, to successfully authenticate the user. The LOGDATA command is optional. Whether or not parameters are supplied and the values and types of parameters depend on the selected logon method.

LOGDATA is only available on networkbased platforms.



Syntax Element



Parameters required for the logon mechanism specified using “LOGMECH” on page 108

For information about the logon parameters for supported mechanisms, see Security Administration (B035‑1100).

The string is limited to 64 KB and must be in the session character set. To specify a string containing white space or other special characters, enclose the data string in single quotes.

For more information about logon security, see Security Administration (B035‑1100).

If used, the LOGDATA and LOGMECH commands must precede the LOGON command. The commands themselves may occur in any order.

The following example demonstrates using the LOGDATA, LOGMECH, and LOGON commands in combination to specify the Kerberos logon authentication method and associated parameters:

.logmech KRB5
.logdata joe@domain1@@mypassword
.logon cs4400s3