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The LOGTABLE command specifies a restart log table for the FastExport checkpoint information. FastExport uses the information in the restart log table to restart jobs that are halted because of a Teradata Database or client system failure.

The ACCEPT and SET commands are valid commands preceding LOGON and LOGTABLE commands.



Syntax Element



Name of the database under which the log table exists

The default is the database name associated with the username specified in the LOGON command. FastExport searches for or creates the table (tname) in that database unless another database name is specified in this option.


Name of the restart log table

Table 41 describes the things to consider when using the LOGTABLE command.


Table 41: LOGTABLE Command Usage Notes 


Usage Notes

Using LOGTABLE with the LOGON command

Both the LOGTABLE and LOGON commands are required.

LOGTABLE and LOGON commands may appear in any order, but must precede other commands except RUN commands used to identify the file containing the LOGON command.

If the LOGON command is entered first, FastExport warns that the LOGTABLE command is also required.

The Restart Log Table

The table specified as the FastExport restart log table does not have to be fully qualified.

Note: It is critical that the restart log table not be shared between two or more FastExport jobs. Each FastExport job must have its own restart log table, to ensure proper operation. Failure to use a distinct log table for each FastExport job will cause unexpected results.

Specifying a New or Existing Table

If a table is specified that does not exist, FastExport creates the table and uses it as the restart log during this invocation of the utility.

If a table is specified that already exists, then FastExport checks the table to determine whether the current invocation of the utility is a restart operation.

Maintaining the Restart Log Table

FastExport automatically maintains the restart log table. If the table is manipulated in any way, it will invalidate the restart capability.

The only valid user maintenance function is to drop the restart log table. Never delete rows from the table.

Changing the dbname Specification

The LOGTABLE dbname option must be used to change the dbname specification for a FastExport operation. A subsequent Teradata SQL DATABASE statement, which must appear after the LOGTABLE commands and LOGON commands, cannot be used to change the dbname specification.

Required Privilege

The following privileges on the database containing the specified restart log table are required:

  • The following example presents both the LOGTABLE command and the LOGON command as they typically occur:

    .logtable Mine.Logtable001;
    .logon tdpx/me,paswd;