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FastExport supports the following variables.

Predefined System Variables

Table 7 lists the supported predefined system variables.

Note: System variables can only be referenced. They cannot be modified.


Table 7: System Variables 

Variable Name



Eightcharacter date in yy/mm/dd format


Tencharacter date in yyyy/mm/dd format


Threecharacter uppercase day of week specification: MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI, SAT, or SUN


Client operating system:

  • For z/OS: VS1, z/OS, z/OS/SP, z/OS/ES
  • Win32
  • &SYSRC

    Completion code of the last response from Teradata Database


    Eightcharacter time in hh:mm:ss format


    Client system dependent:

  • z/OS batch userid. (z/OS batch returns userid only when a security package such as RACF, ACF2, or Top Secret has been installed).
  • Date and Time Variables

    The four date and time variables reflect the time when FastExport begins execution:

  • The original values are maintained after a FastExport restart operation.

    Note: Do not reference the values in numeric operations since the values are all character data types.