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Teradata FastExport utility has three ways to provide information about the status of jobs that are still in progress and those that have just completed:

  • Logon/connect messages
  • Operational status messages
  • Logoff/disconnect messages
  • Additionally, the Query Session utility (QrySessn) provides real‑time, phase‑oriented progress reports at selected intervals during the FastExport job.

    The FastExport utility writes messages to either:

  • The customary output destination for a client system (SYSPRINT/stdout or the redirected stdout)
  • or

  • An alternate destination specified in a ROUTE MESSAGES command
  • The utility also writes operational status information in the restart log table so it can be restored after a system restart operation.

    The following sections describe reporting methods available for monitoring FastExport.

    Logon/Connect Messages

    In addition to input command directives (except for the logon password), FastExport lists the options specifications for each task:

  • SESSIONS limit
  • TENACITY hours
  • SLEEP minutes
  • Operational Status Messages

    During the progress of a FastExport job, the utility displays a message each time a SELECT statement:

  • Executes
  • Completes
  • The completion message also indicates the total number of data blocks generated by the statement.

    Also, at five‑minute intervals, FastExport reports:

  • The total number of records that have been exported to the output file
  • The number of blocks processed for each executing minute, displayed as both a running average and a five‑minute average
  • Turn off status messages by setting:

  • The runtime parameter ‑s to OFF
  • The FastExport CONFIG FILE entry set to Status=OFF
  • For a detailed description, see “Runtime Parameters” on page 15 and “FastExport Configuration File” on page 25.

    Logoff/Disconnect Messages

    Issued in response to the LOGOFF command, the FastExport logoff/disconnect message lists:

  • The time that the LOGOFF command was executed
  • Whether the disconnect operation was successful
  • Whether the restart log table was dropped or kept, depending on the success or failure of the job
  • The total processor time used
  • The job start/end time and date
  • The highest return code encountered by the job
  • Query Session Utility

    QrySessn is a separate utility that monitors the progress of a FastExport job on Teradata Database. QrySessn reports status information for each phase of the FastExport job.

    Execute the Query Session utility from either:

  • A system console using the Database Window (DBW) interface on a Teradata Database for UNIX® system, or
  • Teradata Manager
  • For complete information about using the Query Session utility, see Utilities (B035‑1102).