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The FILLER command specifies a field that is not sent to Teradata Database as part of the input record that provides data values for the constraint parameters of the SELECT statement.



Syntax Element



Optional name for the input record field

The fieldname specification is required only if the field is referred to by the nullexpr condition of a FIELD command.


Starting position of the specified field in an input data record

startpos can be specified as an:

  • Unsigned integer, which is the character position starting with 1
  • Asterisk (*), which means the next available character position beyond the preceding field
  • Note: When using the CONTINUEIF condition of the LAYOUT command to continue input records, a startpos specified by an integer value refers to a character position in the final concatenated record from which the continuation indicator has been removed.


    Type and length of data in the field

    The datadesc specification can be any of the data type phrases shown in Utilities (B035‑1102).

    This description is used to generate the data description for this field in the USING modifier for the SELECT statement.

    Table 35 describes the things to consider when using the FILLER command.


    Table 35: FILLER Command Usage Notes 


    Usage Notes

    Command Placement and Frequency

    A FILLER command must be preceded by a LAYOUT command.

    One or more FILLER commands, or a combination of FILLER commands and FIELD commands, define the composition of the input data record to supply values for the USING modifier of the SELECT statement.