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Table 13 describes the FastExport restrictions and limitations on operational features and functions.


Table 13: FastExport Programming Restrictions and Limitations 

Operational Feature/Function


Concurrent Load Utility Tasks

The maximum number of concurrent FastExport tasks that can run is variable; the limit can be controlled by the system administrator. MaxLoadTasks may be overridden if TASM is active.

Note: For the most up‑to‑date information on concurrent task limits see Utilities (B035‑1102). Additional information is also available in the Teradata Dynamic Workload Manager User Guide (B035‑2513).

If a FastExport job exceeds the recommended limits, Teradata Database returns a 2633 error message indicating that too many loads are running, and the utility retries until:

  • It can execute the task
  • It reaches the TENACITY hours time limit specified by the BEGIN EXPORT command
  • Exponential operators

    Not allowed

    Concatenation of data files

    Not allowed


    Are evaluated from left to right, using the Teradata Database order of preference, but can be overridden by parentheses

    Hexadecimal Form

    FastExport does not accept and will not display object names specified in internal Teradata Database hexadecimal form.

    NUMBER DataType Usage

    NUMBER datatype is not supported in the nullif and apply‑where clause.

    SET and ACCEPT commands cannot assign and accept NUMBER datatype.