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A paused FastExport job is one that terminates abnormally, without dropping the restart log table from Teradata Database. The paused condition can be intentional, or the result of a system failure or error condition.

A FastExport job can be paused intentionally by using the “Abort Termination” procedure described earlier in this chapter.

Unintentional conditions that can pause a FastExport job include:

  • A FastExport job script error
  • A hardware failure or software error condition
  • FastExport automatically restarts some paused jobs. Others must be manually restarted. The following subsections describe the manual restart procedure and the factors that affect FastExport restart operations under the different pause conditions.

    To manually restart a paused FastExport job, resubmit the entire FastExport job script, using the same restart log table specification. The FastExport utility:

    1 Reestablishes sessions with Teradata Database

    2 Reads the restart log table to determine the restart point

    3 Resumes processing the FastExport job script

    Note: FastExport does not support the restart of a Name Pipe Access Module after the job aborted in a restart condition.