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Identifies the appropriate logon mechanism by name. If the mechanism specified requires parameters other than user ID and password for authentication, the LOGDATA command provides these parameters. The LOGMECH command is optional and available only on networkattached systems.



Syntax Element



Defines the logon mechanism.

For a discussion of supported logon mechanisms, see Security Administration (B035‑1100)

The name is limited to 8 bytes; it is not case‑sensitive.

Every session to be connected requires a mechanism name. If none is supplied, a default mechanism can be used instead, as defined on either the server or client system in an XML‑based configuration file.

For more information about logon security, see Security Administration (B035‑1100).

If used, the LOGDATA and LOGMECH commands must precede the LOGON command. The commands themselves may occur in any order.

The following example demonstrates using the LOGDATA, LOGMECH, and LOGON commands in combination to specify the Windows logon authentication method and associated parameters:

.logmech NTLM
.logdata joe@domain1@@mypassword
.logon cs4400s3