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The LOGOFF command disconnects all active sessions from Teradata Database and terminates FastExport.



Syntax Element



[Optional] Completion code to be returned to the client operating system

If a retcode is not specified, FastExport returns the appropriate terminating return code.

Table 39 describes the things to consider when using the LOGOFF command.


Table 39: LOGOFF Command Usage Notes 


Usage Notes

Optional Completion Code

The optional completion code value, retcode, can be specified as a conditional or an arithmetic expression, evaluated to a single integer.

The LOGOFF command processes whenever the highest return code reached was no more than 04 (warning). Any return code other than 00 or 04 terminates the FastExport job.

If a serious error terminates the program before the LOGOFF command is processed, the return code output is the value generated by the error condition rather than the retcode value specified as a LOGOFF command option.

Terminating Return Codes

When a FastExport job terminates, and an optional retcode value is not specified, the utility returns a code indicating the way the job completed:

  • Code 0 – job completed normally
  • Code 4 – a warning condition occurred. Warning conditions do not terminate the job.
  • Code 8 – a user error, such as a syntax error in the FastExport job script, terminated the job
  • Note: The following Teradata Database error messages produce a return code of 08:

    3600       3692       3695
  • Code 12 – a fatal error terminated the job. A fatal error is any error other than a user error.
  • Code 16 – no message destination is available
  • For a complete description of Teradata Database error messages, refer to Messages (B035‑1096).

    When Permitted

    The LOGOFF command is permitted at any point in the input script. It logs off immediately.

    Automatic Logoff

    FastExport performs an automatic logoff function if:

  • All of the export data from Teradata Database has been processed without encountering a LOGOFF command
  • The program fails because of an error
  • The following example uses a logical expression as the retcode specification:

    .LOGOFF &SYSRC > 8

    If the expression is true, the retcode is 1. If false, it is 0.