1.0 - Moving and Handling Guidelines - Teradata Vantage

Preparing Your Site For Teradata Vantage™ Hardware

IntelliFlex Platforms
Teradata Vantage
May 2019
A fully loaded, uncrated cabinet can weigh nearly 1,000 kg (2,200 lb). To avoid physical damage or bodily injury, follow all procedures for moving the cabinet carefully and use properly-rated equipment (fork lifts, elevators, and so on).
  • Professional movers must deliver the crated units.
  • Make sure that the correct equipment and adequate help is available to move the system.
  • Cabinets are mounted on casters to facilitate moving. Adjustable glides facilitate leveling in their final installed positions.
  • The cabinet is weighted toward the front. Roll it backwards, pushing from the front of the cabinet, to avoid tipping.
  • Maximum degree of tip allowed on the side of a single cabinet is 10° off of vertical.
  • If the site requires use of an elevator, verify the load capacity of the elevator.
  • Make sure the floors along the route can support the weight of the cabinets and do not impede their movement. If necessary, replace vented tiles with solid tiles.
  • If there are any steeply-angled ramps along the route, advise the movers. They may need pulleys.
  • Verify that the data center floor can support the weight of the cabinet. Be especially careful with perforated floor tiles in sites with raised floors.