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May 2019
Installation and servicing clearances are based on the space needed:
  • In front of the cabinet to service an extended chassis
  • To open and close cabinet doors
  • Between, in front of, and on the sides of the cabinets to install stabilizer feet
The minimum aisle width requirements are:
  • 101.6 cm (40 in.) front service clearance
  • 81.3 cm (32 in.) rear service clearance
The minimum distance between cabinets:
  • Teradata recommends all cabinets be collocated.
  • No cabinet should be more than 90 m (one cable length) from switching cabinets. This distance restriction is the cable length, not the direct path.

At all levels of government, laws govern minimum aisle width (such as building safety codes, occupational safety regulations, and disability access laws). It is the customer’s responsibility to determine and comply with all applicable laws.

The footprints are shown on data center tiles. Each square represents one tile with a dimension of 61 cm x 61 cm (24 in. x 24 in.).

If two standalone cabinets are placed side-by-side, allow 36 cm (14.5 in.) between cabinets to install the side stabilizer feet. There should be at least 1.3 cm (0.5 in.) between the installed side stabilizer feet.
Footprint and Minimum Clearances for One Cabinet
Footprint and minimum clearances for one cabinet
Footprint and Minimum Clearances for Four Ganged Cabinets
Footprint and minimum clearances for four ganged cabinets
Actual cabinet width is 61 cm (24 in.) without side panels. To ensure exact alignment for ganged cabinets, use the exact width when drawing up floor plans and cutting floor tiles.