1.0 - Supported Versions - Teradata Vantage

Preparing Your Site For Teradata Vantage™ Hardware

IntelliFlex Platforms
Teradata Vantage
May 2019

Supported Hardware

Vantage runs on Teradata® IntelliFlex® 2.1 platform in the following configurations:
Cabinet Half Full Full
Cliques 1 2 1
Teradata SQL Engine Nodes 6 2x6 12
Hot Spare Nodes (HSN) 1 2x1 1
Write Intensive (WI) Arrays 2 2x2 4
Read Intensive (RI) Arrays 2 2x2 4
Analytics Nodes 8 in same cabinet (optional) or 8 in second cabinet (optional) 8 in second cabinet (optional) 8 in second cabinet (optional)

Vantage Analytics nodes are in a block of 8 nodes, which runs as a Kubernetes cluster.

Software Versions

These versions assume you are installing Vantage 1.0, Update 2, efix 1 ( If you are planning a different Vantage release, confirm the versions with Teradata well in advance of installation.

Software Supported Version
Teradata NewSQL Engine
Teradata Machine Learning Engine
Teradata Machine Learning Engine analytics functions package
Teradata AppCenter 1.5.2
Teradata QueryGrid
Teradata Viewpoint
Kubekit 1.2.4
Installer vantage1.0-mu2.1.0-mu2-efix1.19.5ff501
VMS 3.0
Server Management Web Services 12.08.05, plus ServiceConnect
Operating System: NewSQL Engine Nodes Linux SLES 11 SP3
Operating System: Analytics Nodes, VMS Linux SLES 12 SP2