1.0 - Installing Standalone Cabinet Stabilizers - Teradata Vantage

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May 2019
You must install side stabilizers for standalone cabinet configurations. Stabilization is required to prevent tipping of the cabinet when a heavy component is extended.

The side stabilizer kit, 2021-K221, comes with a left and a right stabilizer and four bolts. The bracket for the stabilizers is incorporated in the front bottom rail of the cabinet.

  1. Align the cabinet so that the stabilizers will not block vented tiles.
  2. Place the left stabilizer on the floor at the left front of the cabinet.
  3. Slip the left stabilizer under the front lip of the cabinet cross member and adjust the leveling feet to align the bolt holes.
  4. Attach the left front stabilizer to the cabinet cross member, using two of the screws supplied in the kit.
  5. Repeat with the right stabilizer.
    Installing the Side Stabilizers
    Installing the side stabilizers