1.0 - Installing Side Panels - Teradata Vantage

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IntelliFlex Platforms
Teradata Vantage
May 2019
The side panels hang on the side of the cabinet using two brackets, top and bottom, and three alignment pins at the top. The brackets have a tight slip fit to keep them in place. One metal clip at the bottom rear of the panel secures the rear of the panel to the cabinet. A handle in the center of the panel for lifting and carrying the panel.
  1. Using the handle in the center of the panel, hold a side panel and hold it against the side of the cabinet. The side panel is bulky and may require two people for installation.
  2. Lift the side panel so the brackets slip over the two cross members of the cabinet.
  3. Align the three pins at the top of the panel with the holes in the top of the cabinet.
  4. Make sure you push the rear of the panel in as you lower the panel into place to engage the clip at the bottom rear of the panel.

    Installing side panels