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Filer Modes

When started, Filer displays the Filer command prompt in the Filer application window of Database Window:

Filer ==>

Filer enters different modes of operation, based on the last command entered. The modes are generally associated with the hierarchical level of the file system architecture at which Filer is currently operating. The Filer command prompt changes to reflect the current mode:

Filer ==>
mi /p

Command has been sent to Slave tasks.

Mon Apr 21, 2008 16:06:26
4 of 4 vprocs responded with no messages or errors.

MI (Range) ==>

Filer commands are prompt-sensitive:

  • Global and upper-level commands are valid at any prompt.
  • Lower-level commands are valid only under certain prompts that are initiated by upper-level commands.
  • For more information on Filer command types, see “Filer Command Types” on page 91.

    Filer retains data object parameters for the current level of operation until they are changed or until Filer changes to a different mode. For example, once a range of rows has been specified for Filer to act upon, subsequent commands will operate on those same rows, without requiring re-entry of the row range specification. For more information, see “Stored Input Values” on page 82.