15.00 - Configuration Maps - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Support Utilities

Teradata Database

Configuration Maps

Configuration maps define the current and new configuration of the Teradata Database system vprocs. A configuration map:

  • Stores the identification and status of each vproc in the Teradata Database system
  • Identifies the AMPs that constitute each AMP cluster
  • Identifies each PE and its associated host
  • The Teradata Database system contains two configuration maps:

  • The current configuration map describes the current arrangement and status of vprocs in the Teradata Database system
  • The new configuration map describes changes and additions to the configuration
  • Sysinit can create a new configuration map and keep or revise a current map. For new configuration maps initialized by sysinit from the current configuration, the current configuration can retain one AMP and all existing PEs. The new configuration can retain one or all AMPs and all existing PEs.