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The SRD (Subtable Descriptor) command returns a formatted display of all the SRDs on the current CI that have any rows from the subtable specified by tid. If you omit tid, all SRDs are displayed.


Note: The online help lists the display options (/P, /S, /M, /L) as /dispopt. You can type the options at the beginning or end of the command.


Syntax Element



Positions to the SRD with rows from the subtable, tid. This option is valid only if you specify a tid. If this tid does not exist on this CI, the command will position to the SRD of the next higher tid. Nothing is displayed unless there is a problem.


Displays the selected SRDs on the CI.


Displays the first and last DBDs of each selected SRD, in addition to the information displayed by the /S option.


Displays all the DBDs of each selected SRD and the free sector entries, in addition to the information displayed by the /S option.


The subtable of interest. For more information on tid formatting, see “Subtable Identifiers (tids)” on page 79.

Usage Notes  

The SRD command must be invoked from a CI context (as indicated by the CI> prompt).

The command formats the SRDs and DBDs associated with the specified tid. If you omit the optional tid, then all the SRDs on the CI are selected and displayed. For more information, see “Subtable Identifiers (tids)” on page 79.