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The RECONFIG command starts the reconfiguration process, which changes the Teradata Database system configuration. Prior to performing a reconfiguration, a new configuration map must have been produced using the Configuration utility.

The command can also be used to change certain reconfiguration parameters after the process has begun.



Syntax element...



whether to enable or disable output of Reconfiguration status (but not statistics):

  • ON enables output. (Default)
  • OFF disables output.
  • n TASKS

    the limitation of the number of Reconfiguration sessions running in parallel.

    n is a number from 0 through 10. The default is 10, for offline reconfiguration, and 2 for online reconfiguration.

    Specifying 0 tasks pauses the reconfiguration.


    the job priority settings to use for the reconfiguration. The default is to assign the reconfiguration process a medium timeshare access level. Available settings are determined by workload settings. For more information about setting workload priorities, see the Teradata Viewpoint User Guide, and documentation for the Workload related portlets.


    the maximum percentage, n, that DBC.ReconfigJournalTbl table uses out of the maximum DBC permanent space. When the maximum is reached, Reconfiguration attempts to replay updates to the new AMPs and purge as much of the ReconfigJournalTbl as possible.

    The default is 10 percent.


    that the reconfiguration process switch to offline mode as soon as all users are logged off of Teradata Database and the system is quiescent. This option is valid only when online reconfiguration is used.


    whether Reconfiguration is to pause before entering the auto-restart phase.

    Each AMP stores the current phase of reconfiguration.


    whether to enable or disable output of Reconfiguration statistics:

  • ON enables statistics. (Default)
  • OFF disables statistics.
  • Usage Notes  

    The RECONFIG command can be used throughout the reconfiguration process to change the values of TASK, PRIORITY, JOURNAL MAXPERMSPACE, and STATISTICS.


    To disable statistics output, type:

    reconfig with statistics off


    To reconfigure with 10 control tasks and statistics output disabled, type:

    reconfig with 10 tasks statistics off


    To reconfigure with eight control tasks and output display disabled, type:

    reconfig with 8 tasks display off


    This example shows some output from the RECONFIG command. Reconfiguration output displays the following:

  • Start and end time of each table processed during redistribution
  • Run-time statistics of the table process that includes statistics for all AMPs
  • This information is included with the deletion and NUSI building. The output might become excessive for a large number of tables, so you might want to disable DISPLAY. If you disable DISPLAY, you can still obtain status using the STATUS command.

    Note: You can disable the table begin/completion output with the RECONFIG WITH DISPLAY OFF command. You can disable the statistics output with the RECONFIG WITH STATISTICS OFF command.

    08/05/13 09:04:35  Task 01 Begin redistribution DBC.Global (0000H 0019H).
    08/05/13 09:04:35  Task 00 Begin redistribution DBC.TransientJournal (0000H 001AH).
    08/05/13 09:04:35  Task 00 End redistribution DBC.TransientJournal (0000H 001AH).
      Statistics:        RowCount ByteCount TotSecs         CPUSecs        
         AllAmps:               0         0       0               0        
    08/05/13 09:04:36  Task 02 Begin redistribution DBC.Owners (0000H 001BH).
    08/05/13 09:04:36  Task 01 End redistribution DBC.Global (0000H 0019H).
      Statistics:        RowCount ByteCount TotSecs         CPUSecs        
         AllAmps:               2         0       0               0        
    08/05/13 09:04:36  Task 00 Begin redistribution DBC.Parents (0000H 001CH).
    08/05/13 09:04:36  Task 02 End redistribution DBC.Owners (0000H 001BH).
      Statistics:        RowCount ByteCount TotSecs         CPUSecs        
         AllAmps:              18         0       0               0        
    08/05/13 09:04:36  Task 00 End redistribution DBC.Parents (0000H 001CH).
      Statistics:        RowCount ByteCount TotSecs         CPUSecs        
         AllAmps:              13         0       0               0        
    08/05/13 09:04:36  Task 01 Begin redistribution DBC.ErrorMsgs (0000H 001EH).
    08/05/13 09:04:36  Task 00 Begin redistribution DBC.ChangedRowJournal (0000H 0020H).
    08/05/13 09:04:36  Task 00 End redistribution DBC.ChangedRowJournal (0000H 0020H).
      Statistics:        RowCount ByteCount TotSecs         CPUSecs        
         AllAmps:               0         0       0               0