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Run the Reconfiguration Estimator utility, reconfig_estimator, before running the Reconfiguration utility described in Chapter 5: “Reconfiguration Utility (reconfig).”

Reconfiguration Estimator estimates the reconfiguration time based upon the number and size of tables on your current Teradata Database system. Reconfiguration Estimator provides time estimates for the following phases:

  • Redistribution
  • Deletion
  • NUSI building
  • Reconfiguration Estimator also validates the existence of tables enumerated in the ordering lists for the redistribution and deletion phases of reconfiguration.

    Note: Reconfiguration Estimator provides the most accurate estimates for add AMP operations. Estimates for other operations, such as moving or deleting AMPs may be less accurate.


    Scenarios Runs From

    The Reconfiguration Estimator utility runs from Database Window or comparable interface to the Teradata Database console subsystem, such as cnsterm.

    Note: Reconfiguration Estimator should never be stopped using the Database Window stop command. It can be stopped using the Reconfiguration Estimator ABORT command during the following phases:

  • Entry of Reconfiguration Estimator parameters
  • Pseudo Reconfig (the simulated reconfiguration performed to estimate processing time)
  • Table level estimates.
  • Reconfiguration Estimator cannot be stopped while data loading is in progress. The data loading phase is noted in the utility output screen.

    The user account used to run Reconfiguration Estimator should be empty, and must be granted the following privileges on itself:

  • For example:   GRANT CREATE DATABASE ON REuser TO REuser

    For general information on starting the utilities from different interfaces, see Appendix B: “Starting the Utilities.”

    Scenarios Usage Notes

    Reconfiguration Estimator time estimates are affected by how busy the system is while the estimates are being generated. The accuracy of estimates is improved when other system work is minimized, and best when Reconfiguration Estimator runs on an idle system.

    Reconfig Estimator performs a sample run of the Reconfiguration utility in order to determine estimation constants that are appropriate for the system. Because this process involves inserting and deleting sample data, the program requires the user name and password of an account that has rights to create and insert table rows. Create a user account exclusively for the use of Reconfiguration Estimator. Grant the account all privileges specified above. The account should have at least .5 to 1 GB of perm space per system AMP.

    Best estimates are obtained when Pseudo Reconfig (as noted in the utility output) runs for five to ten minutes on an idle system. The minimal time required to obtain reasonable estimates is proportional to how busy the system is while the estimates are being calculated. For example, if the system is only 10% idle, best estimates are obtained if the utility runs for 50 to 100 minutes. If Reconfiguration Estimator runs for less than an optimal time, run the utility again, after increasing the amount of perm space assigned to the account used by Reconfig Estimator.

    If Reconfiguration Estimator encounters any problems, the estimation process will abort and return an error message.

    Note: Do not run multiple instances of Reconfiguration Estimator simultaneously.


        |                                |              |
        |    ___     __     ____         |    ____    __|__    ____
        |   /      |/  \    ____|    ____|    ____|     |      ____|
        |   ---    |       /    |   /    |   /    |     |     /    |
        |   \___   |       \____|   \____|   \____|     |__   \____|
        Release 14g.00.00.225 Version 14g.00.00.286
        Reconfig estimator Utility (May 08) 
    Reconfig Estimator is based upon the performance characteristics of 3 classes of systems: 
    1 - SYSTEM FAMILY TYPE 5100 OR EARLIER(3600/3300/3500/3400/4100/4300) .
    2 - SYSTEM FAMILY TYPE 4400/4700/5150 .
    Reconfig Estimator is currently running on class 3 .
    What class of system do you want to base the reconfig estimate on?[1,2,3]
    Enter the total number of AMPs in the old configuration: 
    Enter the total number of AMPs in the new configuration: 
    Enter the total number of Moved AMPs in the new configuration: 
    Enter the total number of Nodes in the new configuration: 
    Enter the number of tasks you want to run during reconfig: 
    Enter the current hash bucket size (16 or 20): 
    Enter the new hash bucket size (16 or 20): 
    Enter an existing Username and Password for Loading Sample Data 
    or Press the Enter key to quit:
    Enter UserName:
    Enter Password:
    Loading data for running pseudo reconfig at 11/11/10 14:18:27
    Please wait...
    Loading is complete at 11/11/10 14:20:38
    Pseudo Reconfig Begins at 11/11/10 14:20:38
    Please wait...
    Pseudo Reconfig Ends at 11/11/10 14:21:33
    Value of Constant for New Estimator is:0.529073
                                            DBlk Sort   Redist Deletion
    TableSize        RowCount NUSICount FB  Size Flag Estimate Estimate Database.Table
    --------- --------------- --------- -- ----- ---- -------- -------- ---------------------------
       8.00KB               8         0  Y  63KB  N   00:00:00 00:00:00 DBC.RCConfiguration (0000H 0007H)
       9.00KB              10         0  Y  63KB  N   00:00:00 00:00:00 DBC.Global (0000H 0019H)
      13.00KB              12         0  Y  31KB  N   00:00:00 00:00:00 TDWM.TDWMObjectAssn (0000H 088DH)
      12.00KB              12         0  Y  31KB  N   00:00:00 00:00:00 TDWM.TDWMRuleControl (0000H 088EH)
      12.00KB              12         0  Y  31KB  N   00:00:00 00:00:00 TDWM.TDWMSetLimits (0000H 088FH)
    The current configuration has: 1 Nodes with 8 AMPs 
    The new configuration will be: 2 Nodes with 16 AMPs 
    There are 8 AMPs added to the new configuration
    The system has: 735 tables using 38.81MB of data
    The estimated table redistribution time will be:
         0.00 hours (for offline reconfig).
         0.00 hours (for online reconfig with system 25% busy).
         0.00 hours (for online reconfig with system 50% busy).
         0.00 hours (for online reconfig with system 75% busy).
         0.00 hours (for online reconfig with system 100% busy).
    The estimated table deletion time will be:
         0.00 hours (for offline reconfig).
         0.00 hours (for online reconfig with system 25% busy).
         0.00 hours (for online reconfig with system 50% busy).
         0.01 hours (for online reconfig with system 75% busy).
         0.01 hours (for online reconfig with system 100% busy).
    This reconfig estimate is based upon 48XX/49XX/52XX OR LATER.